Thursday, 8 December 2016

Could do better?

This tree in Duthie Park...

I think it could do with some more decoration, don't you?
That's more like it.  

Monday, 5 December 2016

Bertie has been thinking about his friends...

An Ode to Blogging Friendships

I read about you almost every day.
From countless photographs I recognise
The angle of your tail when you feel joy;
The precise set of your anxious ears;
Your food-expectant head tilt.

Although you live a world away,
I’m confident that I could navigate
From your front door
Directly to your well-worn comfy bed, or better yet
Your kitchen where the treat jar sits.

Your daily routines, though different from mine,
Are quite familiar now to me.
There is more sunshine where you live (most probably).
But then my park, I think, has fewer rules than yours,
For dogs, that is.

For all the fun we share when life is sweet,
There are those other times
When you are injured, ill, or nameless terrors strike.
And then I yearn to help you, but
Feel at a loss.

We’re old friends, are we not (though never met)?
Our lives are now entangled, in
A precious world wide web of friendship,
An unanticipated bond.

PS Thank you to all who have expressed concern about my paws. They are feeling much better and I do believe I set a record for the circuit around Loch Kinord on Sunday morning.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Sammy flies to Torridon


Today I am delighted to have globe trotter Sammy the Onespoiledcat come over to visit me in Torridon, my favourite part of Scotland. 

I am going to offer him a choice of activities. 

Perhaps he would like to join me on an ascent of MY mountain, Beinn Alligin? (You know, of course, that my 'proper' Kennel Club name is Granddach Beinn Alligin.)

It does look like there is quite a bit of snow on the summit just now. If Sammy has forgotten his ice axe and crampons, he might prefer to laze around in the garden of my cottage, overlooking Loch Torrridon. It is a tranquil and beautiful spot, and catches the sun, even in winter.

What do you think Sammy?

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Easy, my friend

Today our blogging community lost, too suddenly and far too soon, one of our most notable and beloved members.

Thank you Easy for all the craziness.

Rest assured you will never ever be forgotten.