Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Thank goodness she packed my boots

So Gail and I are still in Nottingham, although you could be forgiven for thinking we had relocated to the Arctic these last few days.

First of all the snow settled on me....

... and later also on the street where we are staying with our lovely friend Janet.

At least Gail remembered to pack my new boots.

I think you'll agree they make for interesting paw prints.

If you followed Gail's footprints instead of mine, you would see she has been making lots of trips to the hospital to see Human Granny.

Last night she cuddled me close and told me that my beloved Human Granny has enjoyed a fine, long and interesting life but that it is now drawing to a close.

I did feel very sad, but then I remembered my important role as 'Cheerer-Upper in Chief', and bounced around until I was rewarded with a smile.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Definitely not Aviemore...

Er, but Gail, I thought you said we were going to Inshriach House, near Aviemore in the Cairngorm Mountains this weekend?

I do believe you have taken a wrong turn. This is most definitely not the Cairngorm Mountains.

I see. There's been a change of plan?

I must say I did not think it should take eight hours to drive a distance of less than a hundred miles...

Oh dear, you say Human Granny is in hospital again and is very seriously ill, so we have come down to Nottingham?

Well Gail, I guess we're now in the right place then.

And at least I won't have to deal with hyperactive border collie Hemp!

Gail, would you feel better if I gave your face fond lick?

PS from Gail: Difficult times. The blog may be quiet for a bit.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Bertie and Hemp - not quite best friends

This is me out for a walk with Hemp a couple of weeks ago.

Hemp and I are not quite best friends.

This weekend, Gail and I are going to Inshriach, near Aviemore, for a country house party with our friends John and Fran├žoise, and about dozen other humans.

Hemp will also be there.

I am not sure what I feel about this.

Any advice on how to deal with a hyperactive young border collie who thinks he's smarter than me (yes, really!) would be most welcome.

Last year I tried barking but it didn't work.

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Road Trip time with Mad Madi!

Today Blogville is celebrating our dear friend (and esteemed former Mayoress) Madi's 16th birthday with posts about road trips.

One of Gail and my favourite road trips is along the shores of Loch Torridon, eastwards from our cottage on the northern shore then around the head of the loch to the village of Shieldaig on the south side, a distance of thirteen miles by road (although less than two if you have a boat).

For those of you who aren't familiar with the area, Loch Torridon is a sea inlet/fjord in NW Scotland.

The photos below were taken yesterday. As you will see, Spring has yet to arrive in this part of the world.

Oh and this, er, 'tail-end' photo is especially for my most favourite Diva!

Happy Birthday Madi!

PS from Gail: A word about driving safety! The roads around Loch Torridon are almost deserted at this time of year so, just this once, I allowed Bertie the freedom of the passenger seat. There are many places where one can pull off the road and stop, and all the photos were taken from such spots.