Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Images from the long, long journey home to Aberdeen

Up early to catch the train in Lugano

But not too early for the Swiss army cadets to be enjoying a beer (or several)...

As we enjoy scenic views of Lake Lucerne from the train window.

 In a park near Zurich Hauptbahnhof I meet 'Amigo', the first WFT I've seen since leaving the UK.

We change trains again in Frankfurt,

Where we are reminded of home.

After an overnight stay in Utrecht,

We say hi to a furry fellow passenger on the Sunday morning train to Amsterdam.

Gail and I are both by now feeling a little travel weary

But we are encouraged by seeing this poster.

At IJmuiden we say goodbye to continental Europe

And take the overnight ferry across the North Sea to Newcastle

Where I am less than impressed with my accommodation.

 Monday morning in Newcastle and I am too tired to go exploring (yes really!)

Finally, late afternoon, we're home sweet home in Aberdeen.

What a wonderfully brilliant trip!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

'Romance' at the Castelgrande, Bellinzona

Oh gosh, I've been feeling so embarrassed about my behaviour in Bellinzona on Friday, I've even been reluctant to write about it, however much Gail says "not to worry Bertie, you're hardly the only one ever to have engaged in an inappropriate holiday romance ..."

In my defence, the Swiss Italian town of Bellinzona, with its three castles and its quaint old buildings, is surely a setting to inspire romantic thoughts, even in the most rational of Bouncing Boffins.
And I was, on the day, modelling my best Shetland wool sweater and so, at least in my own mind, was looking utterly irresistible. 

And I am sure you can understand, when you see Tootsie in her unimaginably cute wee butterfly harness, how, at least for a couple of hours, I confused my dear Doggy Godmother with the girl of my (lustful) dreams...

However, I must confess (and this is really embarrassing), that given the disparity in our sizes, I could not quite figure out the best approach when trying to, er, 'mount' her..

Rest assured, normal relations were restored when we returned to Tootsie's apartment (and Gail shocked me back to my senses by rattling a plastic bottle full of pebbles right in my face).

It was our last full day in Switzerland. But fear not, the adventure is not yet over...

Friday, 21 October 2016

Friends together

It's such splendid fun hanging out with Tootsie.
Everyone should have a Swiss doggy godmother!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Another day, another country

Staying near Lugano, we are close to the Italian border.

So when Gail told me we should take Renee, Daniele and Tootsie out for a meal to thank them for their wonderful hospitality, I suggested we pop over to Italy to dine.

I want you to know this suggestion had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me being Scottish and Italy being quite a bit cheaper than Switzerland...

So yesterday evening Daniele drove us all across the border to a wee Italian town high in the hills overlooking Lake Maggiore.

We had a gentle pre-dinner stroll through the chestnut woods before settling down at the Smerelda restaurant. While the humans enjoyed their ossobucco and polenta and porcini etc, Tootsie hid in her mobile burrow and I supervised proceedings and generally  put on a masterclass in 'perfect dog behaviour in a restaurant'.

My only disappointment was that STILL no-one has checked my passport since we left the UK. I mean, really, I so might be a terrorist or something.